Chiptune MIDI Preview Updates VGM

Renders of Strange Flower

I have completed the classical guitar arrangement for Strange Flower from Corpse Factory, composed by Alec Shea. It was really hard to get right mostly because we humans only have 4 usable fingers for fretting on the left hand 😅.

I expect the video and tabs to be out in a month or so.



In my usual fashion, and what I like to do occasionally is to provider a render of my arrangements in chip-tune format. I find that this particularly arrangement lends itself well to it.

If you can’t wait, you can grab the lead sheet and sing along on guitar or piano (or whatever else rocks your boat).

Check Alec Shea’s Soundcloud here @alecshea and please show him your support at Bandcamp, he’s really great, more people need to find out about him and he will appreciate it. And he’s a nice guy too.