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Rito Village (preview)

Hello everyone! I apologize for the long silence – it’s been six months since my last video. But I’m back with something special for Zelda fans. I’ve arranged the ‘Rito Village’ theme from ‘Breath of the Wild’ for classical guitar.

Please enjoy this MIDI preview. The full version is coming soon, and I can’t wait to share it with you all!

MIDI Preview The Collab Playground Uncategorized

Hearthstone (MIDI preview)

This is the MIDI rendering of my new arrangement I made for The Collab Playground of the HearthStone’s main theme – “Pull Up a Chair!”.

This is the theme that’s heard when you launch the game.

You can hear the Original here (opens a new tab)

Collab MIDI Preview The Collab Playground Updates VGM

🗓 August Update!

Table of Contents

Phantom Forest (new collab video)

I play the Viol and Kalimba on Phantom Forest (Final Fantasy VI), which was arranged by my good friend Truman Wilson for The Collab Playground. The video will be out on YouTube (below) this Sunday.

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Truman was kind enough to let me play some more unusual instruments on this occasion.

FF VI Phantom Forest

The (Bass) Viol is a renaissance instrument I picked up during the pandemic; it’s like a 6 or 7 string cello, with gut frets.

FF VI Phantom Forest

The Kalimba is an African instrument which consists or a wooden box and tins and it sounds a bit like a music box.

You should be able to play the video from below on Sunday!

Strange Flower from Corpse Factory

I have finished the arrangement for Strange Flower from Corpse Factory by Alex Shea; it’s not an easy piece to play and I’m still practicing it most days; I will record the video when I feel I have mastered the piece well enough — I expect the video to come out during the month of September.

If you can’t wait you can hear the arrangement on Soundcloud here.

Tank! from Cowboy Bebop

I have already recorded the audio for this (you can still find a preview here) and will record the video at some point next month ready to come out in October. The video edit is going to involve green screens and I fear rather involved! 😅

As always thank you for your support, you’re all amazing and don’t hesitate to reach out on the various socials.


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Chiptune MIDI Preview Updates VGM

Renders of Strange Flower

I have completed the classical guitar arrangement for Strange Flower from Corpse Factory, composed by Alec Shea. It was really hard to get right mostly because we humans only have 4 usable fingers for fretting on the left hand 😅.

I expect the video and tabs to be out in a month or so.



In my usual fashion, and what I like to do occasionally is to provider a render of my arrangements in chip-tune format. I find that this particularly arrangement lends itself well to it.

If you can’t wait, you can grab the lead sheet and sing along on guitar or piano (or whatever else rocks your boat).

Check Alec Shea’s Soundcloud here @alecshea and please show him your support at Bandcamp, he’s really great, more people need to find out about him and he will appreciate it. And he’s a nice guy too.