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⭐Super Bell Hill from Super Mario 3D world

THIS SONG MAKES ME HAPPY and I really enjoyed arranging it! It’s got that feel good, happy vibe, you know! Super Bell Hill, otherwise known as World 1-1, is the first course of Super Mario 3D World and was composed by Mahito Yokota.

Want to play it for yourself? You can grab the tabs for free from (note this particular one is arranged in the DADGAD tuning). Send me a recording if you do learn it! I want to see what YOU do with it!

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Super Bell Hill on YouTube
Main videos Solo VGM

⭐Lenna’s Theme from Final Fantasy V

Score coming this week.

Final Fantasy V is probably my favourite Final Fantasy game, alongside FFVI and FFVII. The original SNES track has an amazingly haunting bass line. I was determined to reproduce this bass line on the classical guitar so I decided to pull a little magic trick out of my hat.

I move the capo as I play, gradually altering the key – hopefully surprising you with an unexpected low bass effect, like in the original! Let me know in the comments if that worked for you!

Main videos Solo VGM

⭐FI’s theme from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

Fi’s theme from Skyward Sword appears in different ways throughout the game. Most people cover Fi’s Farewell, which is a little bit different, but I decided to cover this version. I love the separation between the bass and melody. I took a few creative liberties to make it playable on classical guitar and yet, it is my hardest arrangement to date.

Although I have recorded quite a few videos for The Collab Playground, this is my first solo video and I had a few technical video and audio difficulties. Next time will be better! My next piece is Lenna’s Theme from Final Fantasy V. A preview I posted a while ago can be found here

Original by Takeshi Hama.

Thanks for watching!