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⭐Super Bell Hill from Super Mario 3D world

THIS SONG MAKES ME HAPPY and I really enjoyed arranging it! It’s got that feel good, happy vibe, you know! Super Bell Hill, otherwise known as World 1-1, is the first course of Super Mario 3D World and was composed by Mahito Yokota.

Want to play it for yourself? You can grab the tabs for free from (note this particular one is arranged in the DADGAD tuning). Send me a recording if you do learn it! I want to see what YOU do with it!

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Super Bell Hill on YouTube

Super Bell Hill – Practice Progress

I just finished my arrangement of Super Bell Hill and practicing it! This is a very early work in progress. The video should be out mid-July 2022.–Practice-Progress-B0B3DIHXB?justpublished=true&alias=Super-Bell-Hill–Practice-Progress-B0B3DIHXB